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Bachelor of Business, Marketing.
Kevin is a seasoned research professional with over 30 years’ experience. He is a former Research Manager of Maritz UK, Associate Director of Millward Brown in Australia, and Founder of Loyalty Research (purchased by TNS). He has a passion for finding seams of gold in data to add value and guide better decision making. Outside of work Kevin is a beer brewer, musician and cricket tragic.




QPR accredited since 2005
Bachelor of Science, Psychology
Master of Business, Strategic Management and Organisational Analysis
Cameron has over 20 years’ experience in designing and conducting all facets of research and is the engine room of Catalyst's research innovation.
When not delivering exceptional client service he can be seen trekking through the mountains.




Master of Business, Strategic Management and Organisational Analysis
Certified Balanced Scorecard, AGSM
With more than 20 years guiding corporate decision making, Natalie's career spans a range of professional services, banking, and agency roles.
She is a skilled practitioner, delivering insights to inform corporate strategy, change management, stakeholder engagement and customer relationship strategy.
She has a particular passion for community engagement and an artistic soul expressed through painting.

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Behind the Scenes



Project Manager

Marnie is an exceptional Project Manager with experience in higher education, change management, customer and employee research. Marnie has also worked in consulting roles on behalf of government on projects including policy design, instructional design and curriculum development. She holds qualifications in training and assessment and career development and a BSc. (Hons) in psychology and anthropology.
In her spare time Marnie farms Merino sheep and is currently working on completing her degree in regenerative farming.



Fieldwork Manager

Renae has multinational experience in running effective teams. She is the driving force for the Catalyst Research fieldwork team.  She is also an exceptional marketer, well versed in a range of services from client engagement to social marketing and activation planning.
When she isn’t cracking the whip in the office, she is cracking the whip at home with her 3 very athletic children.



Research Analyst

Jay has honed her exceptional customer service skills via the fieldwork team. She joined Catalyst Research with qualifications in financial services and an impressive understanding of insights, marketing and customer experience. In addition to her role as voice of the customer specialist, she has a remarkable aptitude for data analytics and activation.
Jay enjoys yoga in her free time and expressing herself through creative and artistic outlets. She also makes a mean chilli.



Research Analyst

Bachelor of Business, Marketing and Economics

Mathew sits at the heart of the Catalyst engine room, with the firepower to deliver quality actionable outcomes for clients.
He has a passion for finding meaningful patterns in complex data sets and brings a wealth of technological know-how to the team.
Mathew is a national Latin American dance champion and can be seen twirling the world stage when he represents his home country at the World Championships.



Consultant /Change Management Specialist

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology honours, Masters in Management and Human Resources.
Ingrid has 30 years of HR consulting, change management and counselling experience.
Formerly the Head of HR at Coal & Allied, Ingrid brings the practical implementation perspective to Catalyst deliverables. Ingrid contributes to a range of community organisations to facilitate access to mental health and palliative services to those in need.
In her spare time Ingrid pursues her passion for sculpture and music, being is a talented artist and advocate for the arts.



Finance & Operations Manager

Kath brings a wealth of business know how to the team.  Having developed her business acumen in the hospitality sector. Kath launched a successful business that developed and manufactured a dessert range exclusively for the foodservice industry. Transitioning to the consulting sector Kath has been instrumental to the Catalyst team for over 18 years.  She has a passion for singing and Mosaic art.  She is a member of the Hummingsong Choir, whose performances raise money for Women’s shelters.